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I am SO excited to share my transformation of this dark dated vintage mid century road side find dresser.

Do you Remember this old thing?

I knew I wanted to update it’s tired worn look and it back to it’s Mid Century Modern glory. After seeing these stunning Anthropologie mirrored back knobs and gold handles, I knew he could be brought back to life and could be dark and charming once more!

Unfortunately his veneer has seen better days. It had many chips and dents. So I set out to repair it before painting with my friend Bondo

If you would like to try this here is what you will need.

  • Bondo (I purchased mine at Canadian Tire)
  • Metal or plastic surface to mix it on
  • Wooden deposable stir stick
  • Plastic spa

What you will need to repair chipped veneer

Step 1. Mix Bondo and hardening agent in a well ventilated area, I strongly suggest outside. (Note only mix a small amount at a time as it has a very short working time. For a large job you will need to mix several small batches to complete the job.)

Step 2. Apply Bondo mixture to chipped veneer areas with plastic squeegee and smooth out surface.

Step 3. Allow to dry according to dry to instructions on can.

Step 4. Sand surface smooth. I use a orbital sander with a medium grit and than a fine grit sandpaper.

I primed and painted him with the dark grey. He was coming to life but was lacking some style. So I decided he needed some gold highlights to make him a little more Handsome.

Adding gold details is not for the faint of heart especially if you are doing straight lines. It requires a lot of measuring and careful taping but for me the results are worth the time and energy!

I installed the to die for mirrored back knobs and gold handles and wowzers he was knocking me off my feet.

I added geometric wallpaper to the drawers and he was no longer worn and dated but Tall, Dark and Handsome.

Stunning – AND I did it with a dated piece of furniture, paint wallpaper and some elbow grease!

I bet you will never look at a disregarded piece of furniture the same again.

Are you now a up-cycle believer now?