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I am SO excited to share my transformation of this dark dated Vintage Console, Mirror and Stool!

Do you Remember these old things, friend’s gifted to me when they wouldn’t fit in their moving truck?

I knew I wanted to update it’s tired worn look to be Modern, Young and Glamorous. After falling in love with this designer Mint Green Console Table and Faux fur stool Combination. I just knew this could be the inspiration to transform them!

I sanded and sanded, filled any nicks or dings and applied 2 coats of high adhesive primer. She was already lighter and more youthful. After a couple of coats of Cool Mint Paint, new gold hardware and a little Gold Metallic highlight, boy was she ever transforming! 


I thought she wasn’t quite complete. She needed a beautiful partner to dance with her. I wanted the look of the Faux Fur and Gold Metallic Stool but knew I didn’t want to pay the designer price tag.

I went on a search for a soul mate for her. I found this little gem, an old sewing stool, at a local vintage shop and knew she was the partner my Console and Mirror had been looking for.

It was a bit of a job rehabbing her as she was pretty sad and plain but I was determined to make her a partner worthy of my Glamorous Console and Mirror.

If you would like to try this, here is what you will need.

  • Pliers & screw driver (for removing the upholstery tacks)
  • Exacto knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Faux Fur fabric
  • Stapler (I am lucky to have an air stapler)
  • primer
  • Paint
  • Gold metallic paint and brush

Step 1. Fill and imperfections on the wooden stool base and sand.

Step 2. Prime with 2 coats, sanding in between each coat.

Step 3. Paint with 3 coats of Gold metallic paint and allow to dry for 24 hours

Step 4. Remove upholstery and set aside as template for Faux Fur.

Step 5. Use template to cut out Faux Fur fabric and staple around underside of stool edge.

Step 6. Trim excess Faux Fur away to make a clean edge

And she was done and ready to meet her dance partner!

Boy did they ever make beautiful music together!

Stunning – AND I did it with a dated piece of furniture, paint, Faux Fur, creativity and some elbow grease!



I bet you will never look at a disregarded piece of furniture the same again.

Are you now a up-cycle believer now?