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SONY DSCWhat is upcycling you might ask? It is the process of taking something that has been discarded or unwanted and transforming it into something beautiful, updated and functional.

mcm dresser Before and After

What are the benefits of Upcyling?

1st The Quality of the Furniture

Most vintage furniture is of excellent quality, often made of solid wood and exquisitely made, lasting a lifetime. There is something romantic and satisfying about working with and owning furniture you can feel the craftsmanship in.

2nd Price and Originality

When you have a tight budget but are looking to add some originality and style into your space? Upcycling is a budget friendly way to achieve this.  Check out some of your local thrift stores or online sites, if you are willing and have the ability to do some DIY. If not look for someone like me who has the creativity and ability to transform pieces. Most often you can find pieces at the fraction of the cost of buying new. Incorporating vintage or repurposed pieces can add drama, style and interest into your space.

3rd Environmentally Friendly

My heart hurts  when I see a beautiful piece of furniture being tossed aside or a room that lacks any personal style. Upcycling is not only a fantastic way to achieve a designer one of a kind look but it is also environmentally friendly, keeping functional items out of landfills.


4th It’s Fulfilling!

Recently I redid a vanity into a desk. It had belonged to a women’s mother who had brought it with her when they immigrated from Mexico and had passed away. She showed me picture of her home and it was very modern, light with clean lines. I felt a lot pressure to get it right as it was a piece that had a lot of meaning behind it. We communicated back and forth every step of the way and as it transformed she grew to trust me and I was so thrilled when she saw the final outcome. What was icing on the cake was when her father came with her to pick it up and with a tear in his eye he said “That is very nicely done, good job”.

Updated Desk

5th The Need For Creativity

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”   Dieter F. Uchtdorf

For many the opportunity to make and create has become a luxury and I know I am one of the lucky ones who gets to do this everyday. There is something so satisfying in being able to transform something back to life using your own hands. Pieces that have been beautifully recreated can be seamlessly incorporated into your space and will add individual style a uniqueness to it. I only use high quality paints so you can be assured your piece will last to be handed down again. Have a piece of furniture that has been handed down to you or you no longer see a use for? Drop me a line and I would love to help you with your diamond in the rough!