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“Good taste and living well doesn’t have to cost a lot and be without individual personality”

My goal is to provide a cost-conscious, low impact and unique design by:

Re-furbishing – Re-using – Re-envisioning

“I worked for a Big Box Swedish furniture store for over 10 years and grew tired of its generic design and mass consumption”

We will work with pieces of furniture clients already own to Re-use and Re-invent them.

We will source vintage, antique and second hand and low-cost furniture and accessories. We love to Re-hab them by Painting, Re-finishing, Re-upholstering, or Re-imagining them into something special and one of a kind!

“We believe in a contrast of old and new to give a unique and personal design style. By finding the beauty in objects that are no longer loved”


Maybe you have fallen in Love with one of our custom refinished pieces of furniture but you are unsure of how to work it into your room or it will be a jumping-off point for a whole new design we are here to help you make your dreams come true.

We do a Little & you do a Little: $500

For those of you who want to be part of the process! With simple photos, some basic measurements and a budget parameter provided by you we can design an incredible room concept that you will completely lust after. With an easy to follow custom designed plan in hand, you can move forward confidently and implement the design yourself. Of course, We are only a site visit or Skype chat away if you would like a little more direction and we will happily shop or style the room with accessories for you.

Design deposit required. Styling and shopping will be billed at $40/hr fee.

We do a Little more & you do a Little less:

This full service design package is for those of you who live in the Greater Vancouver area and are wanting us to be full hands on. You will get all the service offered above but we will also venture out and source from local vendors, custom trades, handle orders, shipping/receiving, set up and styling.

For us to be this hands on our fee is $40/hr with a Design deposit required.

Just need a Little help?

No problem, maybe you just could use help picking a paint colour selection, styling of a room, furniture selection, floor plans or some other design related dilemma solved drop me a line and we will hook you up for $40/hr fee.

Custom Work

Custom painted furniture or upholstery will be charged by piece at a pre determined price, with a 50% deposit, before work will commence.


It takes A Few EASY STEPS

Room Measurements 

You provide us with your rooms measurements by measuring each wall to create the overall floor plan. This plan will need to include special details like windows, doors and fireplaces. When you have completed your floor plan you will scan it and send it to us for review. If this is intimidating to you we can walk you through the process for a small additional fee via Skype or the phone.

Room Photo

You provide us with photos of your entire room. Ensure to include at least one shot of each wall and any furniture or art work you would like us to incorporate into the room design. If we have any questions or need clarification we will chat with you before moving forward.

Lets Get To Know Each Other

We will get a chance to know each other by having a quick phone conversation, were we will ask you a few question to get to know your needs and style.

Inspiration Board

We will provide you with an inspiration board to review. We will work together to narrow down your colour and style preferences. With your approval, we will provide you with a finalized inspiration board with all approved products. If custom painted furniture is required for the final design plan upon client’s approval and deposit the work will commence.

Floor plan

We will use your final inspirational board, your floor plan and approved list of products to develop a stunning floor plan. The floor plan is created to scale so we are 100% sure that everything you order will fit into your room exactly as it appears.

Shopping list

You will be provided with all the details of every item we have selected for your room, including links to the actual product. If a product becomes unavailable or discontinued within 30 days of receipt of your final shopping list we will happily find you a replacement item. If custom painted furniture is included in this list arrangement will be made for delivery and a final payment of pieces. 

Thank you! Lori


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